HEY, I'M Bethany

I'm a Business & Personal Performance Coach for High-Achieving Female Entrepreneurs and CEOs. 

So you’re ready to boost your performance? Well, friend, you’re in the right place.

If you’re like most experienced entrepreneurs, you want to grow your influence and make a larger impact. But you struggle to maintain your productivity and keep up with the demands of running a business and team. You often find yourself daydreaming about speaking on stages and becoming a New York Times best-selling author, but you aren't making progress.


Well, it happened. You finally realized that you are on the road to burnout, and you can’t ignore it anymore. Even if you already made some changes to your business structure or systems, you just wish it was less stressfulYou’re an ambitious and driven entrepreneur, and you know you want to reach new heights and scale your business to seven figures.

Let’s make it happen, together.

Let me tell you how I can help...

I am a business and personal performance coach for high-achieving female entrepreneurs and CEOs who feel financially capped and energetically drained. I help them prioritize their wellbeing, become more effective leaders, and access their full potential so they can achieve their biggest goals and lead a more fulfilling life.

This is my experience.

I totally get what you’re experiencing, because I’ve been there myself. Way back in 2017, I started my journey as an entrepreneur when I launched Phases of Wellness. My business looked different, then. It involved a lot of early mornings, late nights, long weekends, and never-ending arguments with my partner. After only two years of running my health coaching practice, I felt completely burnt out, exhausted, and frustrated with the lack of a work-life balance.

The turning point in my business.

It didn’t take me long to see that working seven days a week, with a full calendar, was not good for my well-being. I realized that the burnout was driving my procrastination and decline in productivity. Unfortunately, it was too late and my health, relationships, and revenue had suffered the consequences. Those first few years were rough.

My wakeup call was when my business coach told me that I should take some time off. It wasn’t exactly easy for me to admit that I wasn't accomplishing the tasks on my to-do list, and I had goals that were falling through the cracks. But when I did finally find my flow? I started accomplishing those projects that I kept putting off and felt empowered to keep going. Fast forward several years, and I finally figured it out.

Now, my speciality is helping you succeed.

Today, I help female entrepreneurs and CEOs become more efficient, productive, and profitableI’m proud to have created not just one, but two successful businesses that allow me to work less than 20 hours a week, while I am working towards my Doctorate in Psychology.

In just five years, I’ve built my businesses on Ambition, Determination, Empowerment, Excellence, Leadership, Resilience, and Success.

I'm on a mission

I’m committed to helping entrepreneurs achieve more of their goals, without burnout or overwhelm — because I believe in the importance of continuing to share your talents with the worldI believe that you have to be feeling and performing at your personal best if you really want to make the impact you desire, and this goes for your team as well! That’s exactly the outcome that I want for you. So, let’s make it official and partner together on this journey.

Professional Background.

Upon completing a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology and Criminology in 2017, I applied for doctoral programs intending to become a Clinical Health Psychologist and go into private practice. I was already working as a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Personal Trainer.

When I was chosen to work alongside researchers at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, I couldn't pass on the experience. I assisted with the implementation and data collection of a research study to investigate the short and long-term effects of health coaching among the mental health population. This inspired me to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and pursue 2 years of advanced training at the School of Applied Functional Medicine.

Further, I have a Graduate Certificate in Positive Psychology, a Master’s of Education in Education, School, and Counseling Psychology with a Concentration in Positive Coaching, and a Master of Arts in Industrial-Organizational Psychology with a Concentration in Coaching and Consulting. Now, I am applying to doctoral programs in Clinical Psychology.

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

I'm all about

Early morning yoga classes, studying foreign languages, taking road trips, reading personal development books, and connecting with nature.

I'm not about

Working on the weekend, rushing through meals, and not having time to relax.


The perfect



  • You are a highly ambitious, Type-A entrepreneur with massive goals, but unfortunately perfectionism, procrastination, and self-sabotage slows you down.
  • You have a long to-do list that just keeps growing and you can't seem to accomplish the projects that will scale your organization to the next level.
  • You have noticed a decline in your health and well-being, such as experiencing poor concentration or memory, brain fog, headaches, insomnia, etc. 
  • You want to shift your business structure or implement systems in your business to work fewer hours and finally enjoy a real work-life balance.
  • You want to grow an effective team and you desire to be an effective and influential leader for your clients and customers, as well as your organization.
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