#1 Way You Should Plan Your Day According to Ayurveda

Sep 06, 2021
Ayurvedic Clock

One might like to think that we have the perfect routine down. Well, not to say you don’t as we all know there isn’t a one size fits all guide to how to structure your day but there’s always room for improvement or suggestion! Let me explain further…if you are a health and wellness connoisseur you are sure to be intrigued by how the Ayurvedic Clock suggested to schedule your day!

What is the Ayurvedic Clock?

Now I know many of us in the health and wellness realm have heard floating around the word, “Ayurveda,” or “Ayurvedic,” but one thing that recently caught my attention was the talks of an Ayurvedic clock! I was immediately taken in by the idea in itself. Essentially what this is referring to is our body’s natural rhythm aka our internal clock.
The Ayurvedic clock is schedule around the body’s natural processes, hormones, so on and so forth. Within this time cycle includes the three doshas—Vata, Kapha, and Pitta—which each tells us which activities are optimal during these elements.

#1 Way to Plan Your Day

So ultimately, I believe the #1 way you should be planning your day according to the Ayurvedic clock is essentially centered around the three doshas. Simple as that! Now with time comes practice and it’s not in our human nature to adapt to sudden change but we are creatures of habit so if you hear me out I think abiding by the three doshas and living them through your daily routine can help you perform most efficiently throughout your day!

What Ayurveda Says About Vata

For one, the time period known as, “vata,” is said to help one hone in on their spirituality. Because vata embodies the elements of ether and air it naturally creates an opening to spirituality linking our being to our more awakened one has never been easier during this time! It is best during this time—in stillness— when the rest of the world is asleep to mediate, practice affirmations, journal, do yoga! Anything to get you closer to your inner peace and create tranquility in your outer being is most definitely encouraged during vata at this time.
Now during the times of Vata between, 2pm-6pm it is best to be innovative. Maybe even take a walk or get together for dinner with some close friends! This time in vata during the evening is great for cultivating some good time spent doing what is great for the body and soul. Such as getting in that last meal of the day or working on a creative endeavor you’ve been putting off or just getting in some exercise.
Why? Well, because Ayurveda says evening vata provides a more light-hearted element that allows you to just thrive and be in peace—in whatever way that maybe for you!

Kapha and The Ayurvedic Clock

We then carry onto the next dosha which is known as, “Kapha” said to be more earthy and embody more of a water element. During this time frame it’s best we get in some activity such as exercise, grab some breakfast, and set ourselves up for the rest of the day ahead of us. During the morning hours of kapha between 6am to 10am we thrive on giving the body exactly what it needs outwardly.
As for evening, kapha hours 6pm to 10pm this time is meant for settling down. Unwinding and maybe even checking in with yourself. Ask yourself how did the day go, what are you feeling, so on and so forth. Preparing to get that deep restful sleep by settling the outer part of your being is essential to your well-being.

Winding Down and Ayurveda

Pitta now known as the most metabolic time period of the day carries essence of fire and water. During this time of the day you should consider eating your largest meal because this is when we are able to metabolize our food at our best which is anywhere from 10pm to 2pm. Pitta evening is 10pm to 2am is an extraordinary time of the night because this is when we are suppose to be getting our more restful sleep. During these hours of the night we are recovering, healing, and dreaming at our finest if you will.
So there you have it; according to the three doshas this is a great way to plan the rest of your day to acquire optimal energy expenditure and time spent! Hope you enjoyed this article as I have enjoying writing it for you. There’s truly something we can all take from the Ayurvedic clock to boost up our day.

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