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2 Convincing Reasons You Should Start Walking

Aug 02, 2021

Ahhh so many great, amazing benefits to walking that many of us aren't probably even aware of; well I’m here to tell you, my friend, that not only does staying active keep your cardiovascular in check it can do so much more than that!

As I’m sure some of us have heard floating around that walking is an amazing form of exercise considering its low impact meaning that people who struggle with joint pain and even stiffness can partake in this activity with little to no added effort! And yes all of that is wonderful but one thing you probably didn’t know is how getting in those couple of steps a day or going for that daily evening stroll can significantly boost your memory! YES! I said it memory—for those in the back seat—all jokes aside, walking is a wonderful form of movement that could increase your memory.

Walking Can Improve Your Brain Health!

Crazy how no one ever talks about brain health yet it’s so immensely impactful! Why? Because your brain is essentially the control center for our entire bodies! This controls your emotions, your mood, energy levels, and even digestion—as you might have read in some of our other blog posts— your brain is in constant communication with your digestive tract aka your gut so when you're feeling a bit fatigued your brain receives signals from your microbiome that something is off.

This aerobic exercise can be a great way to give your brainpower a little boost in remembering those extra tasks you said you wanted to accomplish. Who knows, give it a try and let us know! As an avid walker myself I find that it keeps me sharp and clear-minded able to take in and receive any information I have coming my way.

Of course along with keeping me on my toes—literally— these daily strolls allow me to wind down. In the evenings, usually, when the sun is starting to set and my day is wrapping up I find myself gravitating toward getting out of the house for a couple of minutes just to reset mentally. I notice on beginning my walks I get in sort of this meditate state that allows me to become mindful of my surroundings. This leads me to another surprising benefit of walking.

How Walking Meditation Works

Have you ever heard of walking meditation? Yeah, me neither! Well, considering that when we envision meditation—well at least me—I was lead to believe you had to be sitting in a special type of posture, alone in a quiet and calm environment and though that maybe be so it isn’t the only way to meditate. From what I’ve learned walking meditate can do well for those who struggle with anxiety. Let me explain further…

So if you don’t see yourself as the type of person that could get into meditation then I have that solution for you; walking meditation! You see it’s good for anyone that gets anxious just imaging sitting still and quietly in a seated area for too long!
If you have trouble staying still and mindful, walking meditation is for you! It focuses on being mindful of your environment; truly appreciating nature and all it has to give. Whether it’s that same flower you see every day or those flashing car lights—it’s all in how you receive your environment. This is how you can start!

Begin your walking by taking a couple of breaths, really just focus on your breathing then submerge yourself in the environment. What I mean by this is let everything sink in—the flowers, trees, other dogs, the sky, etc.— when we become aware of what is happening around us we can really be present at the moment and this allows our minds to give it a rest and just be still in that very minute. Can you believe studies found that meditative walking actually reduced symptoms of anxiety and pessimistic thought cycles! Why not give it a try it’s worth a shot!

I hope this piece brought some value to you and today maybe even take a stroll and see if walking just might be your new favorite stress-relieving activity. Thank you and wish you all a wonderful intentional week ahead.

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