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2 Easy Yoga Practices to Increase Melatonin!

Jul 12, 2021
Yoga Practices

We’ve all heard of all of the amazing benefits of yoga, but have you heard of how you can boost your melatonin production in order to achieve more restful, deeper sleep along with the practice? Well, I’m here to tell you my friend that it’s the truth! Along with decreasing stress, anxiety, releasing tension, improving flexibility yoga offers a wide range of benefits that you wouldn’t believe and one of those is better sleep!

It’s crazy to believe how something as simple as stretching can possibly increase your melatonin levels but like everything else in life, it’s all with intention. The intention behind the yoga practice is just as important as the results received from the practical; let me explain further.

How Melatonin Levels & Yoga Sync

You see yoga is an ancient practice that dates back about 3000 years ago and has always been centered around mindfulness. When practiced with intention many benefits can result from the mind, body, and soul when there is a purpose behind the movement. And for you, if that purpose is to get better sleep then you’ve come to the right place!

Something as simple as practicing gentle or restorative yoga can seriously make a difference. This sort of practice involves taking it easier while holding certain positions for greater periods of time. To really focus on the stretch and movement—along with the help of yoga props—its intention is to get you to relax and wind down.

This sort of practice is intended for the body to transition into a state of relaxation. To improve sleep quality this sort of practice is best before bed. A good 10-15 minutes or even up to 30, is said to really get the mind and body to wind down and get in a state of rest for the night.

Restorative Yoga & Rising Melatonin in the Body

Restorative yoga is said to benefit many and all different types of people! In fact, there was a study done on cancer survivors—most of which were women— who engaged in daily restorative yoga practices for about a month and saw significant improvement in their sleeping patterns. With that being said…

What’s great about this style of yoga is that pretty much any who can join in on the practice regardless of their age or physical capabilities! Gentle yoga is great for anyone looking to achieve a calmer state of mind; to be able to shut down and take a minute to themselves. The best part is, is that gentle yoga doesn’t require any sort of physical strength so as long as you are able and willing you can give it a go for a goodnight’s rest!

Relaxation, Yoga, & Melatonin

Along with that, yoga for many has aided in having a calmer state of mind and relaxing the nervous system especially practiced before bedtime. Which is something we like to hear very much because then it minds and easily registers when it’s time to go to bed and therefore kickstart the melatonin production.

Trying to practice yoga before bedtime is truly a game-changer as it is a stress reliever for many and helps the body get into a calmer state. Trying some basic movements or exercises before bed such as cat-cow, downward dog, child’s pose, can activate the vagus nerve which connects the rest of the body to the brain to indicate to your brain that it’s time to settle down!

All and all, yoga promotes a better quality of sleep says many yoga practitioners. Many of which attest to having lower levels of sleep and increasingly restful sleep. And the best part is anyone can try it! Children with disabilities such as autism, the elderly, and collectives of women looking to achieve a better night’s sleep say that yoga has all help them catch some z’s at the end of the night!

Now if you're looking to really reap the benefits of such an amazing practice it’s best to incorporate yoga—especially at night— into your daily routine! By maybe catching a yoga session or two will possibly boost your melatonin levels in order to get a goodnight’s sleep! Hopefully, you’ve found some value in this piece that can help you incorporate a better night’s sleep into your regime. Safe practicing and happy resting everyone!

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