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3 Breathing Techniques to Reduce Stress

May 25, 2020
breathing techniques

Feeling overworked, exhausted, out of energy, or simply worn out? Stress is common and can affect our daily life if it’s not addressed properly and in a timely manner. No matter why you’re stressed, this guide to stress relief and breathing techniques will help ease your mind, reconnect you with your body and soul, and eliminate stress! 

1. This first technique of controlled breathing is simple but takes practice. Begin by breathing in through your nose and out through your nose. Don’t rush the inhale or exhale. Be sure to inhale slowly for 5 seconds, and exhale through your nose as well for 5 seconds. This simple yet effective breathing technique equalizes and calms your nervous system while reducing stress. 

2. A favorite among Yogis alike, the alternate nostril breathing technique is crucial to balance both the left and right sides of the brain, in turn, eliminating stress and enhancing your focus! This breathing technique is best done before your workday begins! It’s an instant mood booster and energizer! Begin by holding your left nostril shut with your left thumb. Inhale through the right nostril, holding your breath for 2 seconds. Release your thumb from the left nostril, and hold your right nostril shut while exhaling through the left nostril. Continue this technique alternating nostrils 3 times on each side. You’ll be amazed at how your stress levels decrease and your body has renewed energy! 

3. Releasing tension from your head to toe while practicing deep breathing techniques is one of the best ways to end a long and stressful day. Find a comfortable and quiet spot on the floor or chair. Close your eyes and imagine your stress leaving your body through each muscle group. Begin at your feet, then your knees, thighs, hips, chest, arms, fingertips, neck, nose, and eyes. While visualizing the stress leaving your body, breathe in through your nose slowly and exhale through your mouth after holding your breath at the peak point for 3 seconds. Repeat the breathing continuously 8-12 times until your mind and body has relaxed. 

This guide to breathing techniques will surely bring you the peace and tranquility you’re seeking. Practice your breathing exercises every morning, or before bed. Ensuring you are calm and stress-free at the start of the day will better prepare you for the daily demands and stressors you might encounter throughout the day. Breathe easy and be stress-free!

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