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3 Great Tips to Overcoming Perfectionism

Aug 16, 2021

Do you feel as though you are constantly chasing your own tail in a game of cat and mouse; well I sure do! Let's face it you might be going through a loop of perfectionism and depression. Dangerous but it actually happens to the best of us without even realizing it!

Let me give you some content; this might look like being in a funk, feeling like nothing is going your way or anything then suddenly you feel re-inspired to keep it pushing and moving forward. From that, you typically go into this mindset of “if it isn’t done right then it’s not worth being done.” From there you go in on whatever task you have set out for yourself only to end up feeling disappointed at any little thing that doesn’t go your way leading right into burning out. Does that sound similar? All too well I might add!

Let me tell you just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean it’s normal because it’s not. In fact this mindset of going from, “I barely have any energy left to give to I’m giving it my all” in all honestly is toxic. Chasing the idea of perfectionism coming from a depressive state is nearly impossible.

Alleviate the Perfectionism and Depression Mindset

Yeah, sure we hear of those great comeback stories where the girl or guy fought all adversities at any cost back realistically you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your mental health just to get by. I mean come on guys especially in these times we should have more grace for ourselves than anything. Considering we ARE going through some of the most difficult times; allowing yourself that time to transition from feeling unmotivated to driven will take just that time! But in case you didn’t know how to get started or need help getting out of that 0-100 mindset I’m here to help!

Tips to Overcoming Perfectionism

For one, try letting go of the perfectionist in you! I know, I know it’s easier said than done by have you actually tried it? When we learn it’s more attainable to do a couple of tasks instead of all of them in a day that’s when we learn to let go for the sake of our mental health. Learning to tell yourself it’s ok if I can’t go through everything right now as long as I can get done what I can well save you from going in a downward spiral. Preserving your mental well-being is everything and if you can do that by toning it down just a little well that makes life just a tad bit easier in my opinion!

Incorporate, more self-compassion! Don’t be so hard on yourself—yes, I am talking to you! What do I mean by self-compassion well what I mean is talk to yourself as you would a close friend/ loved one. The world is already over-critical as is so why do you have to be? Tell me that, why are we are harshest critics when we should be our biggest supporters. I mean you know what they say you spend the most time with yourself so why not be your own bestie and try giving yourself that tender warm love and care the way you would a friend. Being kinder to oneself makes all that more of a difference in our mental health.

Lastly, self-care, self-care, self-care. I know bubble baths and manicures are fun and all but really take the time to sit down and give yourself a break. Take care of your own mind and body before they give out on you. You deserve to give yourself a break hun—so do just that!

Prioritize yourself and do whatever it is you have to do to feel rejuvenated and back on your game ready to come back and kill it! I hope you found some of these tips helpful!

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