3 Hormones That Play a Big Role in Heart Health

Jul 05, 2021
Healthy Heart

You may be asking how hormones and heart health could be correlated. Well, to keep it simple your hormones are pretty much in charge of guiding all of your bodily functions. Bet you didn’t know that! Lucky for you many people don’t, matter of fact and little do they know how much of a role your hormones contribute to keeping your cardiovascular functioning. Let me give you some reasons as to why that is!

For starters, I’m sure we have all heard countless amount of times how much our lifestyle, behavioral, and dietary choices afford to how healthy one’s is. But not too often do you hear how your hormones have a lot to do with contributing to your cardiovascular health.

When a health scare regarding my heart arouse about a year ago I started to take my heart health more seriously. Because I am fairly young—in my mid-twenties—I would say I wasn’t too worried or concerned about my heart necessarily but that isn’t to say that it wasn’t to be taken too lightly. After a panic attack/ heart scare, I decided to decipher what I could do from then on to make my heart stronger which started from the inside out! Let me explain…

The Link Between Your Health and Hormones

Not sure if many of you know but midlife—especially in women—brings about some of the most appalling linkages between menopause and heart disease. You see there were many studies that have taken a deeper look into women’s menopausal state, realizing that there was something off. Many of them found a correlation between heart disease and women going into menopause. Though, there isn’t too much research on why this is but from what I can tell you is that it all goes back to your hormones!

Beginning menopause or leading up to it the body prepares to enter a different stage in a women’s life by condensing the amount of estrogen she is producing! Now estrogen— a sex hormone— is very important because it is said to have cardiovascular benefits. With that being said less estrogen leads to a higher chance of developing a disease related to your cardiovascular system.

While, in menopause, many women attest to experiencing hot flashes, depression, etc… which all could be linked back to heart disease. Some scientists believe that in order to help aid women recover their sex hormones hormone replacement therapy (HRT) could be a start! Now I know that sounds overwhelming and a bit intimidating so if you were looking toward a more holistic approach; I got you!

Balanced Hormones Means a Healthy Heart

So now that I gave you some background as to how your hormones are related to your heart, let me give you natural practices you can implicate into your everyday life to help regulate your hormones and keep your internal ticker strong. For one—this one never seems to fail— having a balanced diet. Now I know “healthy,” is subjective it looks and means something different to everyone but you can never go wrong with fruits and veggies! Adding in some delicious fruits and vegetables along with keeping yourself hydrated is a great start to lower your risk of heart disease.

Also, try giving mediation or prayer a go. Whatever that means to you! For me, that’s spending about 5-10 minutes listening to a guided mediation while stretching. American Heart Association actually found daily meditation practice encourages a healthy cardiovascular system.

Let’s Talk Stress Management & Your Heart

Since women are at higher risk of heart disease it’s important we manage our stress levels. The body releases the hormone cortisol when undergoing stress. Too much stress aka chronic stress can be bad for the body because it puts a strain on your heart. The heart is a muscle meaning that we need to do whatever necessary to keep that muscle functioning and strong.

So, just as too little estrogen, too much testosterone could have adverse effects which can also lead to heart disease. Therefore, it’s important for cortisol and testosterone to live in harmony with one another because this keeps our muscles strong! Along with exercise, the proper amount of quality sleep, this should help keep our hearts healthy and hormones regulated!

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