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3 Steps to Making Sustainable Nutrition Changes

May 11, 2020
nutrition changes

Let’s be honest, there is so much pressure these days to eat a perfect diet, but is there really such a thing? I’m here to tell you that eating a “perfect” diet is not your first step. Yes, there is so much more that comes before the often intimidating, drastic changes that lead to the ultimate goal. 

The first step is identifying your reasons for wanting to change your diet and eating habits. This should not be a quick solution for weight loss. Instead, this is a long-term lifestyle that needs to be acknowledged and honored in order to ensure its sustainability and your ultimate success.

Whether your reason is to lose a few extra pounds or because you know in your heart that you need to develop a healthier lifestyle to show up fully for yourself and your family, you need to have a clear vision in mind before you start your journey. After all, you wouldn’t hop in the car for a road trip without having a GPS or driving directions, right? 

Having a clear vision will maintain your motivation and encourage you to continue moving forward towards your goal when you come home after a long day at work and want to order takeout instead. I think we can all agree that once you fall off the bandwagon, it’s difficult to jump back on. 

Once you have determined your reasons why you want to make this change, you need to decide what clean eating means to you. Does it mean being gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, preservative free, vegetarian or vegan, or does it mean eliminating fast food and removing junk foods from your pantry?

Eating clean is a lifestyle, not a short-term diet. It’s a beautiful opportunity to treat your body with the love and respect that it deserves by providing it with healthy and nourishing foods every single day. Only you can decide what eating clean means to you and which way of eating will work best for your individual needs and lifestyle.

The third step is to discover a method that will help you make sustainable changes that feel good to you right now. Providing our bodies with the fuel it needs to thrive should never be stressful or anxiety-producing.

That’s why I've created a Clean Eating Protocol to break everything down into simple, bite-size pieces and to guide you towards prioritizing whole, fresh, and unprocessed food without sacrificing your lifestyle for it. Make this commitment to yourself now because you deserve all of the health and happiness!

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