4 Less Common Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Jun 17, 2019
thyroid health

While most people are aware of the weight gain, lack of energy, and irritability associated with hypothyroidism, there are also some symptoms of the condition that you might not realize is related to your thyroid. Here are some of the less common symptoms of hypothyroidism to be aware of.


You might know that hypothyroidism can cause anxiety, but did you know it is also linked to depression? This is because when you don’t have enough thyroid hormones being produced, it causes your brain to slow down and affects your ability to focus properly. When this happens, it often leads to a form of clinical depression. This is the type of depression linked to low energy and lack of motivation, also causing you to feel weak and stiff throughout your body.

Poor Memory and Lack of Focus

Your memory can also get worse as a result of hypothyroidism. In addition to problems with your focus or concentration, the lowered hormones produced by the thyroid gland cause a lot of issues with your cognitive function. This is why it is important that you get treatment for your thyroid condition as soon as you can.

Dry Skin and Hair Thinning

You should also be aware of the impact that hypothyroidism has on your skin and hair. With your hair, it can cause thinning and even leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. This is directly related to the lack of hormones in your body produced by the thyroid gland. Your skin can also become dry as a result of the lower thyroid hormones. Due to the dry skin, this can also cause flaking of your scalp, further worsening the condition of your hair.

Menstrual Cycle Problems

Hypothyroidism has also been shown to affect women’s menstrual cycles. You might find that your cycles have become irregular or your menstrual period is heavier or lighter than normal. Unfortunately, this can also mean that your cycle has changed and has turned into infertility. Many women who are unable to get pregnant after a year or longer of trying should get blood work done, as it is not uncommon to find evidence of hypothyroidism. If you are having irregular periods, longer or shorter cycles, or trouble getting pregnant, it could be caused by your thyroid.

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