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6 Holistic Ways to Heal PCOS

Aug 30, 2021

Recently have you been feeling not yourself? No, I mean really; you’ve gained weight, you're experiencing some unpleasant acne, unusually heavy period, and mood swings? Yeah, let me tell you it’s not in your head hun. You might be dealing with PCOS but don’t freight I know of some amazingly natural methods to kick-start your journey into hormonal re-balance.

This is PCOS

Let’s cut to the chase, PCOS also known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is essentially the overproduction of the male hormone, androgen, in the women’s body. Yeah, it doesn’t “seem,” too bad but what we don’t know is that this actually throws the rest of the body’s ecosystem off. Too much androgen hormone can lead to an excess production of cortisol and insulin which we all know isn’t too good!

PCOS Can Be Healed!

This in turn can—and does—cause a host of problems from severe hormonal acne, trouble losing weight, heavy menstrual cycles, pelvic sensitivity, hair growth in places where women don’t normally grow hair excessively, even down to depression, and anxiety.
Now if that doesn’t sound familiar enough I don’t know what does! But here’s how I can help. If you are sick of conventional doctors telling you to go on birth control pills to manage your symptoms or declaring you’ll be pretty much infertile that’s where I’m here to tell you there’s hope for you and all women with PCOS who desire a way out.
The way out? LIFESTYLE change my dear. If you are looking to get rid of your polycystic ovarian syndrome through holistic practices then you’ve came to the right place!

PCOS & Your Food Habits

From what I’ve read many women are curing their PCOS through their diet! I know right sounds too good to be true but I’m telling you it works. Try considering a low glycemic index diet! I know we hear the word diet and think run but this isn’t necessarily a diet but more of a way of eating.
Let me explain further, low glycemic (GI) diets put emphasis on consuming foods that have a lower glycemic index! Well, what does that mean? Put in simpler terms they are foods that don’t spike your insulin levels and take longer for your body to digest and absorb. Which are foods like oats, beans, leafy greens, most vegetables in general. That way these foods don’t spike your insulin levels which in turn doesn't throw off the rest of your hormones.
Overall, sticking to a more whole foods diet is the way to go. Because our bodies are made to excel when the food we are receiving is truly fueling our internal systems properly. This means eliminating overly processed foods such as crackers, protein bars, or chips can make a huge difference in your PCOS symptoms improving.
Now Im not here to say you can’t ever have these foods there is a time and place for them but all I am saying is maybe switching them out for some apples with natural peanut or even berries and a side of almonds can’t do you any harm. Taking the small steps to incorporate foods like this into your diet should yield some significant changes very soon!

Movement Aids in Healing PCOS!

Also, exercise, is another way to aid in managing your glucose levels and reducing cortisol. For example, resistance training is shown to aid in the usage of proper glucose management in the body! Or if that’s not your thing why not try taking up yoga, going for a walk, or some type of aerobic activity which is said to be good for lowering stress. All in all, anyway you get your body moving that isn’t too stress inducing on the body can have some amazing benefits on your healing PCOS!

Managing Stress with PCOS

And if there was one last thing I can say to help begin your journey in healing your PCOS naturally I would say supplementation and stress management usually does the trick. On top of adopting a healthier diet and getting in movement! Try adding in some that aid in healing the body naturally such as zinc, vitamin c, and maybe even a high-quality multivitamin to help fill in some of those gaps.
Also, doing things to help manage stress is going to be key in the process of healing your PCOS, so remember to take it easy, breathe, pause if you have to, reflect on the situation, and always remember its never as bad as we make it seem in our heads and if it is...remembers all the hardships you’ve been in your life and look where your at now.. that has to say something!
I hope you’ve found some value in this piece! Leave a comment if you enjoyed this article and good luck on your journey to taking the first steps to healthier YOU from the inside out.

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