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6 Tips for Improving Your Journaling Practice

Sep 23, 2019

You may have noticed that journaling has become a popular practice today. Perhaps you participated in a workshop that discussed it, or maybe a friend shared her regular writing habit with you. The practice of journaling really makes sense and is a great way to explore your thoughts and feelings. Such inner healing has to be healthy, right? You even have a pretty bound blank notebook ready to go.

Journaling is an excellent way to relieve stress, but, for some women, getting to the point of putting a pen to paper just seems impossible. There are many reasons to put off just sitting down and doing a little bit of journal writing. There is always something else that needs your attention. And if you finally sit down with your journal, a blank page can stop you cold in your tracks, with no idea how to start. So, how do you get yourself out of your way and get to the page?

Schedule a Time to Journal

This is the first step in developing a routine journaling practice. When you schedule time to practice journaling, you can forget about using time as an excuse for not sitting down to write. Set aside a time in your calendar and hold yourself accountable for showing up to write.

Set your Concentration

A lot of people feel that journaling is boring or brings up too many emotions, so they put it off to feel better in the short term and keep on living their life. However, journaling is an essential tool for personal growth and development. The effectiveness of this tool will depend on how it is utilized. 

Search for the Lesson: Avoid Dwelling on the Negative

This is extremely important, so it should be repeated—avoid dwelling on negativity. One negative thought can ruin your day. Write down that you have a negative thought, and then move away from it. Once you halted the pessimism with affirmation, write about how you succeeded. Negativity affects everyone. It is how you react to it that counts.

Brainstorm Solutions after Identifying Issues

People generally focus on the problem itself when they are not solution-oriented. Therefore, start thinking in terms of the solution and you will find that you are able to overcome obstacles more quickly.

Practice Gratitude

Negativity and gratitude cannot coexist. One has to prevail. It is hard to be thankful sometimes, especially when you are feeling down. But the choice to be thankful and grateful is always there. Look for the things, events, and the people that make you feel grateful.

Start with an Affirmation

Write down the date and then write a few lines on who, what, or where you are. Practice reciting positive affirmations by identifying what you would like to believe, such as "I am beautiful!" or "I am worthy of my desires!"

With practice, writing will become easier and more effortless. You will begin looking forward to your journaling sessions, and hopefully even protect this committed time from any breaks and interruptions. Your pen will move freely, and the blank page will become an exciting invitation rather than a challenge.

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