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Can a Leaky Gut Cause Weight Gain?

Jul 26, 2021
Leaky Gut, Weight Gain

You have likely heard that a leaky gut may be the cause of your weight gain or ability to lose weight. The possibility of this being true is highly likely!

In today’s society, we are constantly consumed by so much pseudoscience of what’s real and what isn’t. One thing's for sure is that a leaky gut has become a topic of conversation due to its relevance and importance in not only maintaining a healthy weight but a healthy lifestyle. Let me dive deeper.

To provide some context, let me explain essentially what a leaky gut is. Pretty much what a “leaky gut” refers to are damaged intestinal walls. It gets labeled, “leaky,” because very tiny holes in the digestive track develop due to poor diet and poor maintenance of the gut microbiome.

What is a Leaky Gut Exactly?

A leaky gut can develop over time through the constant consumption of chemically processed foods, medicine—the non-herbal kind—, and other toxins that are detrimental to the body! Because of this, our gut lining begins to weakens developing tiny craters in its walls that allow toxic waste and food that hasn’t been digested into the blood and the rest of the body. While the walls of our gut are technically porous to a certain extent; when other cavities aside from this are unintentionally created this allows rations of our diet that aren’t supposed to be absorbed, out. This can be very dangerous because it causes inflammation and therefore the weakening of the immune system.

What many people don’t realize is that the lining of the gut microbiome is actually harboring our immune system! Crazy right? Which makes perfect sense because whenever we feel off, it’s usually due to the fact that something’s off with our gut! Which’s leads me to the topic of discussion. Weight management, the gut, and how the two are related.

How a Leaky Gut & Your Weight are Related

Now let’s address the elephant in the room; leaky gut and your weight. Not much research has been done to correlate the two thus far but there is enough information gathered by doctors and researchers to say that there indeed is a link between weight management and gut health. Doctors say a leaky gut can cause weight gain due to inflammation. Now how is that so? Well, that I am here to tell you, my friend!

First thing’s first, what I will say is that the bacteria in your gut microbiome actually play a big role in maintaining a healthy weight! There was actually a study done on mice that introduced bacteria from the stool of other larger mice and found that those mice too became overweight and develop similar eating patterns as those bigger-bodied creators.

Therefore, the suggestion was made by The Mind-Gut Connection's writer Emeran Mayer, Ph.D., that our diet is crucial to developing proper systematic functions in the body because this has a connection to our metabolism. For example, studies have been found that diets lower in fiber and higher in processed food have resulted in higher body fat percentage and inflammation; all due to a lack of diverse microbes in the gut!

There's Hope for a Leaky Gut!

To gather further, poor diets that consist of lesser-quality fats and poor quality ingredients lead the body into a state of inflammation which can therefore cause weight fluctuation and poor weight management.

So I know eating the right foods may not be as realistic 24/7, 365 days of the year but don’t be frightened; there is still hope to restoring your gut and reaching your fitness goals! For one, eat more fiber—veggies, fruits, legumes, and grains— all of which keep our blood sugar at bay and our satiety cues in check! Also, adding a probiotic and maybe even a digestive enzyme should help alleviate some of the stress your gut has been undergoing.

Now with the knowledge, I’ve provided you it’s up to you to take action and move forward keeping in mind that with a better gut comes a happier you!

Thank you, my friends and I hope you’ve gotten some value from this piece. Wish you all the best on your gut health journey and health endeavors.

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