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Health Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil

Oct 07, 2019
sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn oil is becoming more and more popular for a variety of purposes. Sea buckthorn is easily accessible on the European and Asian continents, and its fruit is the foundation of its therapeutic property. It offers a range of comprehensive health benefits that can help keep you healthy and fit. Here are some of the most interesting benefits of its uses.

  • Sea buckthorn is an excellent source of omega 7-fatty acids. Used primarily in European and Asian coastal towns, it is also mentioned often in old Tibetan healing writings. The oil was also used by ancient Greeks to strengthen horses’ manes and in early Ayurvedic remedies.
  • Sea buckthorn oil is processed in two ways: the seed oil and the fruit oil. Both are extracted from berries with yellow-orange color, a bit smaller than blueberries. Seed oil is derived from the seeds and the fruit oil is taken out from berry’s pulp.
  • This ancient berry has an impressive nutrient profile. It is a source of essential proteins and minerals and a powerful antioxidant enzyme that efficiently blocks and prevents free radical damage.
  • The advantages of this oil and a diet abundant in omega 7 are wide and varied. While there is a need for long-term studies on internal benefits of this oil, the topical uses of omega-7 are well-researched. It balances the production of sebum, minimizes age spots, heals acne scars, helps in treating a wound, and helps relieve skin rashes. It has also been shown to slow down the aging process and enhances cellular vitality.

Nutritional Advantages

Research shows that sea buckthorn has a wide number of medical uses and can be used without the risk of harmful effects. The fresh berry juice is very rich in Vitamins K, E, and C; protein; carotenoids; organic acid; and flavonoids.

Medicinal Benefits 

Sea buckthorn oil can help in the treatment of many kinds of skin ailments such as heat, sun, and chemical burns; eczema, and slowly healing wounds. Many Russian cosmonauts use this oil to safeguard their skin from harmful space emissions. 

Research Studies 

Many studies have confirmed that sea buckthorn is relatively good in treating cardiovascular disease, cirrhosis, cancer, and gastric ulcers. Sea buckthorn oil is a useful natural remedy with many health benefits. As with any kind of treatment, ensure you gather as much information as possible before using this oil to make sure it is right for you.

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