How Breathing Through My Nose Improved My Health

Mar 08, 2021

I’m going to tell you how I was able to increase my focus and reduce my levels of anxiety with breathing! I have always been an anxious person. Growing up, my home life was far from conventional, and almost always in the middle of some form of dysfunction. I’ve also had a good amount of allergies. I used to wake up with a stuffy nose, which made it easier for me to breathe through my mouth rather than my nose.


My partner was given the book “Breath” by his father for Christmas. I thought nothing of it, seeing as I didn’t think, that there was a problem with the way I breathed. Of course, I couldn’t be more wrong. So, I decided to give the book a go. 

“Breath” by James Nestor, starts with a man talking about how difficult it was for him to take full breaths as a child. He goes on to talk about the benefits of breathing through your nose, and how that has not only changed how full his breaths were but also made it possible for him to focus better and think clearer. 

So, what exactly did I take away from this book? 

  1. Breathing through your nose is a must! There is a special filter within your nasal cavity that is supposed to be used to purify the oxygen that you take in before it reaches your lungs. By breathing through your nose, you’re letting the toxins into your body willingly. 
  2. You don’t have to take large breaths through your nose to have a full breath! I always felt like I was choking when I tried to breathe through my nose, but apparently, a lot of people over-breathe, or take too full of a breath and end up with way too much oxygen than is needed, which causes a lack of carbon dioxide in the body!  
  3. Last, but definitely not least, breathing slower helps to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, meaning it helps to reduce stress and anxiety and signals your body to let its guard down! 

Keeping these facts in mind, I was able to take fuller breaths through my nose, which was a great start to a healthier body and mind.


At this point, I wanted to know more about breathing and the effects it had on my mental health. I did some research, and found what I now consider to be the holy grail of meditation/breathing apps! 

The application is called “Breathwrk” and not only is the design pleasing to the eye, but it also offers a great number of different breathing exercises for any occasion. For example, if I’m feeling a little extra cranky in the morning, I have the option to do the “Awake” breathing exercise. Which usually consists of taking short, quick breaths to wake my body up! 

It’s amazing! I’ve used different exercises each day to either calm myself down, get ready to work out, or simply stay focused. By calming down my physical body, I was able to focus more on the anxieties that I had, and possible solutions rather than my body becoming increasingly more panicked as my mind wandered and attacked itself over my anxious thoughts. 

So what did I take away from using Breathwrk? 

  1. Each different way that you can inhale AND exhale, has a unique effect on your brain and energy level! For example, short, quick breaths often give you more energy and keep you ready for the day ahead. 
  2. It’s important to understand your own body and the limits that you have; even for inhaling! If you inhale too much, you could get light-headed. The app lets you know how you should be breathing, and when it’s a good time to exhale!
  3. Taking deep breaths before bed is KEY. The app has a specific program made to use right before bed! It’s improved my sleep tremendously and I’m now able to fully focus on work because of it. 

Overall, breathing has changed my life completely for the better. Every morning, when I take in my first breath, I consciously think of all of the things that I can accomplish now that I’m getting the proper amount of rest, and have many programs that I can follow to keep me on task and focused. Breathing has helped me clear my nasal passage, and my mind. I’m hoping it can do the same for you!

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