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How to Love Yourself During the Process of Change

Aug 09, 2021
Self Love

We all know this past year and a half has been a whirlwind of chaos. For sure, self-love during these times may come easier to some and harder for others. So much has been out of our control and unexpected that maybe some of us have felt we lost a sense of who we are or am I the only one? Well, to be honest, if you haven’t been feeling yourself throughout this whole pandemic it’s frankly not your fault.

All we can do is have some grace for ourselves and move forward with the mindset that everything will eventually settle into place. In case you haven’t been feeling quite yourself lately, I have a few tips that can help in loving yourself a bit more during the process of change!

Is Self-Compassion the Key to Self Acceptance?

First and foremost, what we should practice more of as a society—especially in these post-quarantine times—and in general is a bit more self-compassion. What is self-compassion, you may ask? Well, in a nutshell, self-compassion is essentially giving yourself grace, having more patients and kindness in your actions, and the way you speak to yourself! Right now, there is a lot of changing from day to day, heck minute by minute, so it’s no wonder we feel we cannot seem to get it together for the sake of ourselves; but let me tell you that is okay!

It’s important to have been more mindful of your thoughts and emotions. What are you thinking? Why are you thinking this way? This allows the mind to recognize those feelings and identify a way to help! One great way to do this is by journaling. Writing down what you are feeling can help you identify those feelings and release them from your mind!

The Steps to Moving Forward On Your Self-Love Journey

Also, accepting your hurt. Along with identifying your feelings comes acceptance. By accepting that you feel this way and knowing it’s normal, it will pass. Letting yourself know that you are here through the good times and the bad—no matter how bad they get! Knowing you can be your rock and provide support and encouragement is key to moving forward! Acknowledging you are human and it’s ok to feel what you are feeling at the moment everyone goes through this; when it becomes a pity party is when it becomes toxic!

Accepting your emotions of fear, anger, and sadness allows you to take control. Get to the root of those emotions to better express yourself. I always keep in mind with practicing self-compassion is would I much such negative comments such as these to my best friend—no—so why should I speak to myself in that way. Respect yourself; I know it’s easier said than done but in these times we need to prioritize our mental health the most to be there the ones we love and even ourselves.

It’s okay if you're used to being sort of a control freak because the brain prefers the known and the unknown throws our state of mind out of wack. But I promise you the sooner you let go of the need to control your circumstance—especially right now when it’s difficult to do so—the better you’ll find you will be. Practicing journaling, mindfulness, and gratitude can cultivate a healthier mindset. Having self-compassion isn’t easy but at the moment it’s most definitely necessary and taking these few steps to better your mental health encourages loving yourself during the process of change!

I hope this piece helps anyone and everyone in their during to self-love during times of change! I think it’s best to cultivate these habits right now so our future selves can thank us later when we know have to be more calm, cool, and collected in other situations!

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